Message from the Worshipful Master

Greetings, my brethren,
It is with great honor and humility that I assume the role of Worshipful Master of our Lodge for the year 2024.
I am deeply grateful for your trust and support, and I pledge to serve you with diligence and dedication.
As we enter a new Masonic year, I would like to share with you my vision and goals for our lodge.
My main theme for this year is “Unity”. Unity in purpose, unity in action, unity in spirit. Unity is the foundation of our fraternity, the bond that connects us as brothers, the strength that enables us to overcome any challenge.
Unity does not mean uniformity or conformity.
It means respect and harmony, diversity and inclusion, cooperation and collaboration. It means that we value each other’s opinions and perspectives, that we listen and learn from each other, that we support and encourage each other.
It means that we work together for the common good of our lodge, our community, and our society. That we have a common goal that we work towards as ONE.
To foster unity, I invite you to participate actively in the various activities and events that we have planned for this year. Whether it is a lodge meeting, an enlightenment night, a degree work, a charity project, a social gathering, or an educational program, I urge you to join us and contribute your talents and ideas.
Your presence and involvement will make a true difference, enrich and strengthen our lodge experience.
I also ask you to reach out to your fellow brethren, especially those who may be in need of assistance, guidance, or companionship. Let us show them that they are not alone, that they have a family of brothers who care for them and are ready to help them.
Let us also welcome new members and visitors with warmth and hospitality, and make them feel at home in our lodge.
My brethren, I am confident that with unity, we can achieve great things and make this a memorable and successful year for our lodge. I look forward to working with you and serving you as your Worshipful Master.
May the Grand Architect of the Universe bless us all and guide us in our endeavors.
Fraternally yours,
Antony R.B. Augay
Worshipful Master
Nellis Lodge 46

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How to become a Mason - Steps and Insights

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