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How to become a Mason - Steps and Insights

Understanding Freemasonry


Begin by understanding what Freemasonry represents what it is and what it is not. If you personally know a freemasons, talk to him and ask questions, Explore Masonic history, values, and the principles it upholds. Numerous books, websites, and local Masonic lodges offer insights into the craft.


In our jurisdiction, One must be a man of good character, believe in a higher power (does not have to be disclosed), be of legal age (18 years old), be able to financially support himself and his family and have a genuine interest in self-development and philanthropy.


Connecting with Masons

Reach out

Contact a local Masonic lodge or a Freemason to express interest in joining. Attending open events or community activities hosted by Masonic lodges can provide an opportunity to meet members and learn more about the organization.

Find the right Lodge

Finding the right masonic lodge is a crucial step for anyone who wishes to join the fraternity of Freemasonry. Not all masonic lodges are the same. They have different styles and traditions, depending on their activities and practices. Some are more social, some are more ritualistic, some are more philosophical, and some are more educational. Some are easier to get in and some more difficult. To join Freemasonry, a candidate should find the right lodge that matches his personality, interests, and goals. He should research and visit different lodges, talk to their members and officers, and ask himself what he wants from Freemasonry. By finding the right lodge, he will have a better and more rewarding experience as a Freemason.

Interview and Recommendation

After expressing interest, every Lodge has its own filtering process, some more strict than other, it is call “guarding the west gate” in Masonic terms. There will most likely¬† be one or multiple interviews where lodge members get to know you better. You might be asked to provide references from people who can vouch for your character. There might also be other steps such as an investigation or other ways for the brothers to make sure that the new candidate is worthy of gaining admittance.

Application and Initiation

Application and Initiation

Complete the petition for membership provided by the lodge. This form usually includes personal information and your reasons for wanting to become a Freemason.


If your application is accepted, you will undergo an initiation ceremony, which is symbolic and carries significant meaning within Freemasonry. This initiation involves certain rituals and ceremonies that vary among different Masonic jurisdictions.

Commitment and Growth

Degree Work

Freemasonry consists of various degrees that impart moral lessons and teachings through symbolic rituals. As a member, you’ll progress through these degrees, each offering valuable insights into self-improvement, ethics, and brotherhood.


Actively engage in Lodge activities, discussions, and charitable endeavors. Regular attendance and involvement is crucial in fostering relationships with fellow Masons and understanding the tenets of Freemasonry.


Becoming a Freemason is not easy task, it is a deliberate and meaningful process that requires dedication, an open mind, and a commitment to personal growth and the ability to be a freethinker, a free man. It’s a journey that extends beyond ceremonial rituals, emphasizing self-reflection, philanthropy, and lifelong learning. If you have what it takes and resonate with its values of brotherhood, moral principles, and community service, Freemasonry might be a fulfilling path to explore in your quest for personal development and contributing to society.

Contact our Lodge

Your first step starts here, send an email to our secretary, include your age, sex, phone number, full name and why you wish to become a Mason and you will receive an answer. Good Luck.

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