What is Freemasonry?

What is Freemasonry?


Freemasonry is the world’s oldest fraternity, with roots dating back to antiquity. The sole purpose of this fraternity is to make good men better men. The result of continued spiritual awakening takes shape in the form of lasting bonds of friendship and brotherly love that transcend the Lodge room into the community at large. In the Lodge, all men are truly equal and all forms of social, political, economic and religious dispositions become immaterial. By the same token, the benevolence of Freemasonry complements the teaching of any religion based on the belief in God.

What do freemasons do?
Freemasons are ordinary citizens who cheerfully obey the laws of the locales in which they live. Freemasons are men who believe in relief, truth and brotherly love. Freemasons work hard at charitable works that make the world a better place. They donate over 1.5 million dollars daily to charitable causes, making Freemasonry one of the largest membership-driven humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Masonic belief
Freemasons unwaveringly believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Fraternity of Man. Through a series of moral lessons, the precepts of Masonry are inculcated to the Candidate in a benevolent, exciting and thought-provoking manner.

Freemason facts
Freemasonry is open to ALL men of good character who believe in God
Nothing taught within the Fraternity will interfere with alliegenes to religion, country, family or community
There are thousands of books espousing the teachings of Freemasonry from ancient to modern times. There is no limit to the knowledge and enlightenment one can obtain from study and personal reflection.
Freemasons desire to be of serice to God and their fellow neighbors and citizen worldwide through charitable contributions including Shrine hospitals, burn centers and clinics available to the public at large.
There are many organizations that make up the Masonic fraternity for both adults and children, making Masonry truly a family-oriented affair

What is not:
A religion – all Masonic teachings are complementary to any belief system based on God.
A “secret” society. The only “secrets” maintained by Freemasonry are passwords, signs of recognition and the lectures that make up the essence of Freemasonry. All meetings are held in clearly-marked buildings and meeting times are publicly posted for all to see.
A “networking” group — members do not join in order to reap financial gain.
A forum for religious or political issues – discussions of religion and political affiliations is not permitted within the Lodge halls.

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